Stonewall Sports – Indianapolis Kickball

Stonewall Sports Indianapolis is a community sports organization for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. I went out to document opening day

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A Spectacular Convergence of Nature, Art, and People

Today we make a return visit to the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park: 100 Acres at Newfields in

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Indianapolis staffing - Morales Group - documentary commercial photography

Industrial and Warehousing Photography

Morales Group is a leading staffing agency in Indianapolis.  The Morales Group attributes their growth to their commitment to serve:

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Personal Legend Project: Kurt Braunohler

Kurt Braunohler, Comedian The first time I photographed comedian Kurt Braunohler was at RIOT Comedy Festival in Los Angeles in 2014.

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Personal Legend Project: Daniel Elsener

Daniel Elsener, President, Marian University My in-laws, Jan & Steve McCracken, are Marian alumni.  As a part of their efforts fundraising

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Personal Legend Project: Bill Browne

Bill Browne, Principal/President, Ratio Architects Bill founded Ratio in 1982 and the firm has gone on to create many iconic Indianapolis buildings

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Personal Legend Project: Lobyn Hamilton

Lobyn Hamilton, Vinyl Artist Lobyn is a local artist whose primary medium at the moment is vinyl.  He smashes and

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Personal Legend Project: Tiffany Benedict Browne

Tiffany Benedict Browne, Author & Historian On the day I photographed Tiffany, I had the opportunity to witness her enthusiasm

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Personal Legend Project: Broxton Bird

Broxton Bird Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences, IUPUI Many people dream of traveling to remote mountains of Tibet or Peru.

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Personal Legend Project: Rachael Heger

Rachael Heger, Support the Girls, Indianapolis Rachael Heger began collecting bras at the beginning of this year to donate to local

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Forest Kindergarten Sit Spot

Personal Legend Project: Malkah Bird, Indianapolis Cooperative Kindergarten Teacher

PERSONAL LEGEND PROJECT Malkah Bird, Cooperative kindergarten teacher Entering this project, I knew that Malkah would have to be a

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Personal Legend Project: Andy Hassler

Andy Hassler, Blue Mind Roasting Andy Hassler and his wife Sarah own Blue Mind Roasting in Indianapolis.  Together they run the business while seeking a

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Personal Legend Project: Adam Germany

Adam Germany, Fu5ion Personal Chef & Catering Services I first met Adam over the holidays and immediately realized we share

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Personal Legend Project: Tommy Baldwin

Tommy Baldwin, Musician I met Tommy in a very serendipitous manner.  I stopped by my office on Saturday after another shoot

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Personal Legend Project: Penelope Dullaghan

Penelope Dullaghan, Illustrator & Designer Penelope’s work is primarily influenced by nature, and she takes daily walks along the river behind

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Personal Legend Project: Frank Basile

Frank Basile, Heartland Film Festival, Interim President I first met Frank and his wife Katrina in 2010 when Frank was in

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Improve Your Sports Photography

Usually when people ask me about getting better sports photos, the question is focused around what equipment to buy.  For

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