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Nothing like a good ol’ fashioned last-minute photo assignment. I was asked at 4:30 to accompany my 8-year-old to the creek to hunt for golf balls.

I enjoyed making artistic photos of found golf balls, which I was definitely not something that had ever crossed my mind before.

I spent less than 90 minutes shooting and came back with a set of images I was pleased with. My daughter came back with 51 golf balls so it was a successful venture all around.

We live near a golf course and have been enjoying finding new activities and I’ve been having a blast shooting them.

What new things have you photographed recently? Have you done anything last minute that got you some photos you’re really proud of?

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First Day of School

Now that we’re all out of school, I thought, “Hey, let’s do a post about the first day of school!” I like to do the opposite of what’s expected just for the sake of being different.

Anyways, this is the Leazenby family and a few years back I shot this fun story following their two kids on their first day of school.  

I love these photos because there are some universal moments I think we all can identify with. I guarantee this will bring back some of the feels you had during your school years.  

I didn’t want to interrupt these images with commentary. So, after you scroll through them, I’d like to hear about any particular moments that connected with you. Leave a note in the comments.

first day of school recess playground

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18th Street Indy

18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana

Introducing 18th Street Indy! After much anticipation, one of my favorite brewers has come to town.

I like big, bold beers. IPAs are great, but why not make it a double? I want a stout so dark that it absorbs the light around it. I’ll take a sour beer, too. I don’t mean tart. I mean, full-on SOUR!

That’s why 18th Street beers are for me. They have bold flavor in spades. Have you tried any of their beers yet? If so, let’s talk about it in the comments.

18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana

18th Street Brewery is based in Hammond, IN and has been winning major awards since 2013. Just last year they won Best Brewpub in the U.S. in a USA Today reader’s poll.

Last week I stopped in to check out the vibe and take some photos of the new space.  A decent crowd for a Thursday afternoon plus a rare sunny day throwing out some good light combined for a nice set of images.

18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana

Muckrock the Casbah

As an added bonus, a rad mural by Jules Muck, the Venice Beach artist known as muckrock adds some flash to the side of the building that makes it stand out on the block.

While you’re over on Instagram checking out muckrock, give us a follow as well. We’ll follow you back so we can talk more about beer and art and whatever else is interesting.

18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana
18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana

Say Hello…

…to Ty, Courtney and Bo; three good folks you might see on your visit. Tell them you saw these photos online and you just had to come in for a visit ASAP.

18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana
18th Street Indy Beer Brewery Indianapolis Indiana

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