Single Photos Forming a Collection

Going through some images from 2020, I started to see a lot of single images that I hadn’t published. When I put them together into a collection, they seemed to go together pretty well. I suppose that means my personal style and vision is becoming more cohesive each year.

kid climbing fence at park in the fall
home life with toddler in black and white
kids playing in backyard during the summer
fall leaf with water droplets caught in a basketball net
signs and arrows in a parking lot
backyard fire and trampoline in the suburbs
playing video games on the porch
pond at golden hour

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Seeing as most of 2020 was spent at or near home, here are some other groups of photos and stories from pandemic life.

It’s May

It’s May and we’re half in the box. Documenting life in the here-and-now has been very interesting.

As a trained photojournalist, I’ve always thought of “finding a story” as going out into the world and looking for something interesting to shoot. 

Ironically I’ve found these restrictions more freeing. I have to focus on what’s nearby, so I don’t have any of the pressure I normally put on myself to find some grandiose story.

Creating a record of this time and place has been very rewarding. I hope you enjoy seeing my quarantine images as much as I enjoy shooting them.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to stay safe and wear a mask!

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As the quarantine presses on, I’m finding a lot of different experiences to photograph. The first story I published on the blog was about doing familiar activities in a new environment. The next story interpreted the feeling of social distancing.

This week I’m looking at closeness and family bonding in the wake of the distance and isolation that many are feeling.

For context, my wife Courtney and I are experienced stay-at-homers, as we’ve been working from home and homeschooling for a couple years now with our five kids.

Share Your Experience

What has your experience with COVID-19 been like? Are you by yourself or with others? Have there been moments of insanity or mostly calm? Please share in the comments below!

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Photographing the Distance

Robert Capa was a famous photojournalist who, among other things, stormed the beach at Normandy with American troops on D-Day, nothing but his cameras in hand.  

He has a quote that I live by: “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” I take that approach in every possible circumstance.

However, with the pandemic and social distancing, I’m finding myself stepping back and looking for a new approach with my style.

It was a little awkward at first, but I’m getting the hang of it. These photos explore social distancing and how it feels to have additional space between us.

A lot of times when I’m outside or looking out my window I find myself thinking, “Who’s that? I’ve never seen them before,” or “Those people seem a little close to each other over there.” It can be a little unsettling at times. I think some of that comes through here.

But more often than these uneasy feelings, as someone gets closer (but not too close!), we smile and wave and say hello and there’s more of a bond than usual.

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Change of Course

We’re all doing things a bit differently these days. One thing that’s interesting to me is how some of the things we’re doing are CLOSE to what we did before, but not exactly the same.

For example, my family likes to hike and explore nature. But since we’re not going out to parks right now, we spent some time exploring the neighborhood golf course when it closed to golfers. It was an activity that we usually do, but in a new type of place.

What has the Great Pause meant to you and your family? Have you seen or experienced anything you’ve never done before?

What familiar activities are you doing in new environments? I’m interested to hear what you’re up to! Respond to this email or comment on my social media with your own stories. 

This short photo story is a small part of a long-format narrative I’m currently developing to capture the look and feel of this quarantine era.  New stories coming each week!

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