Change of Course

We’re all doing things a bit differently these days. One thing that’s interesting to me is how some of the things we’re doing are CLOSE to what we did before, but not exactly the same.

For example, my family likes to hike and explore nature. But since we’re not going out to parks right now, we spent some time exploring the neighborhood golf course when it closed to golfers. It was an activity that we usually do, but in a new type of place.

What has the Great Pause meant to you and your family? Have you seen or experienced anything you’ve never done before?

What familiar activities are you doing in new environments? I’m interested to hear what you’re up to! Respond to this email or comment on my social media with your own stories. 

This short photo story is a small part of a long-format narrative I’m currently developing to capture the look and feel of this quarantine era.  New stories coming each week!

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