Finding Fine Art in Sports Photography

In addition to focusing on action and emotion, I like to find the art in sports photography. Here are some methods I employ to get a greater variety of images and bring the audience closer to the subjects.

God is in the Details

Looking around an event, I’ll see what details catch my eye. A piece of gear or other object often makes for an interesting detail shot. I like to challenge myself as well, so if I notice something like flexing muscles, I try different ways to capture what I notice.

Candid Portraits

I like to get in close on faces before during and after events to give a sense of the experience of the athletes. I’ll photograph players during warm up, on the sidelines, in the locker room, or even during the action to bring the viewer closer to the subjects.

Patterns and Shapes

I also look to create visually engaging images by looking for patterns in things like shadows, people, or objects.

Shooting Through the Crowd

One of my favorite things to do during the action, is to take photos through a crowd of people. This gives additional depth and dimension to images while also often framing the main subject.

More on Sports Photography

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