The Whole Story

Whatever I’m shooting, my aim is to document all aspects I see, so viewers will have the most complete picture possible of people in a certain place and time.  What people wear says something about their personality.  Showing surroundings creates context for the subjects and expands the viewer’s experience.  When I’m physically close to the subjects, the viewer feels closer to the subjects, both in a physical and emotional sense.

When shooting sports, it’s not simply about action.  It’s about emotion and effort as well.  Moments of defeat are as powerful as moments of triumph in showing a person’s level of passion and commitment.  I feel that it’s important for both my subjects and viewers to know that photographing someone in a moment of pain or defeat isn’t about exploiting their emotions.  It’s about honoring their dedication and pursuit of a greater self.  I want a broader audience to increase their understanding of, and respect for, the subject and others who share their experiences.

These images from the IHSAA Track & Field Finals on June 6, 2015 are a good example of my pursuit.









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