Work Truck Show

2019 NTEA Work Truck Show

“TRUCKS!!!!!!” (read in the voice of Benny from the LEGO Movie yelling “SPACESHIP”) is what I hear when I get a call to come photograph some shiny new trucks at the NTEA Work Truck Show.

A few months ago my Subaru was in the shop for being 20 years old and I got a big fat pickup for a loaner. Since then I’ve been pining for a shiny new truck of my own. These trucks are slightly larger than anything I need to carry photography gear, but a man can dream!

Trucks Go

These are images I took roaming the 500,000 square feet of the Work Truck Show after my client shoot was completed.

Keep On Truckin’

A salesman asked the gentleman above if he had any questions. He said no, so the salesman launched into listing the specs of the engine. Is that one of the rules of sales? Don’t take no for an answer?

I like this image above because to me it feels like a typical office scene (man in suit with briefcase, carpeted floors, drop-ceiling with fluorescent lights), except that there’s a massive, shiny red dump truck in the background.

A lot of the larger businesses had private conference rooms built into their setups, which I found interesting. Good spot to close the deals.

Out of the Ordinary

At events like the Work Truck Show, I like to find things that are outside of an ordinary business atmosphere like people laying on the floor, shiny truck wheels on plush carpet and conversations around a different type of water-cooler…

Displays like the one above feel like shooting at an art gallery. Especially because I have taken photos of cars at an art museum. See the IMA Dream Cars post.

Drive-In Theater

Ram Trucks had a GIGANTIC video screen that I would estimate was roughly 7,000 feet tall by 211,000 feet wide. The three images below are takes on the same angle with different screen and human elements in the frame.


All images for this post were shot on my Fujifilm X-T20 (see image of me below). I like how I can move through a crowd without attracting the attention that my full set of gear draws.

If you want to try out this camera (or a similar model), I recommend Use this link to let them know I referred you.

If you want to read more about how I approach a trade show shoot for my clients, be sure to check out this post from when I shot the NTEA Work Truck Show in 2017.

Do you love trucks? Hate trucks? Have a truck? Tell me about it in the comments below. Or leave a photography question or comment since this is a photography blog. Bonus points for a combination photography/truck comment.

Trade Show Photography

Trafic Design, is a Quebec company specializing in corporate design and branded environments for business.  Trafic contacted me to document their promotional exhibit design at the 2017 NTEA Work Truck Show, the largest event in association history.  It featured more than 500 vendors with nearly 12,000 attendees, occupying all 566,000 square feet of exhibit space in the Indiana Convention Center.
Trafic’s client, Ranger Design, is a commercial van outfit manufacturer for mobile professionals.  At the exhibit, attendees were able to view Ranger’s latest innovations in person and have questions answered in detail by knowledgeable staff. Ranger’s exhibit also employed touchscreen technology to digitally outfit trucks to fit their clients’ unique needs. Ranger Design had more than a dozen employees at the show and seven fully equipped trucks on site.Trafic’s goal for the shoot on was to feature the design, flow and functions of the booth. With that in mind, I aimed to highlight how Trafic’s design facilitated interactions between Ranger’s products and employees and their target customers visiting the show.Three hours were allocated for the shoot and we broke it into three segments:

1. Scouting – Due to situational constraints (the Truck Show & exhibits weren’t set up until the day of the event) a separate scouting trip wasn’t possible. I arrived before the convention floor opened to have a brief walk through with Trafic’s president to discuss a few of the key features and design elements of the exhibit.

2. Exhibit Design – Before the exhibit hall opened to the public I shot for about one and a half hours focusing on taking wide, medium and detail shots of the booth’s design, features and branding.3. Environment in Use – Once the doors opened to the public, I spent about an hour documenting how attendees moved through and experienced the space in order to really showcase how Trafic’s brand experience for Ranger Design and their clientele. 

I focused on attendees’ engagement with the products, Ranger employees and interactive elements of the exhibit.  I also briefly shadowed Ranger’s CEO to document his interactions with customers on the trade show floor.As with many of my shoots, this job required me to be able to move quickly and inconspicuously so as not to distract from the company at work.  I kept my gear to 2 camera bodies and 4 lenses, which I wore on me at all times. The Indiana Convention Center is properly lit and I knew from past experience that no additional lighting would be necessary.Trafic’s product and service shows best in real use. My approach is a practical solution provided in real time without the use of models or expensive staging, saving the company money and time while producing images that capture the full experience of a Trafic branded environment. Are you ready to show your business in action? Contact us now to schedule a consultation.