Visit Bloomington

I love Bloomington!  As a student at Indiana University, Bloomington became the first home that I chose myself.  And even (nearly) 15 years since I last lived there, it’s still one of my favorite towns anywhere.

I was thrilled in 2016 to collaborate with Visit Bloomington on a cover story about the renovations at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall for their visitors guide.  Last fall we took on a broader look at Bloomington in two parts. For Part One, I scoured the streets of Bloomington checking out everything from restaurants and bars to trails and public art.

Part Two is top secret and will be released in early May.  Follow Visit Bloomington on Twitter (@VisitBtown) and Instagram (@visitbtown) to see the news first hand.

Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall

To call the new Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall at Indiana University a renovation is to greatly understate its transformative effect.  Designed by CSO Architects and built by Shiel Sexton, the new south lobby features a soaring glass entry with modern design and technology, while retaining some key touches from the past to honor the program’s legacy.

These photos were shot for a feature in the Visit Bloomington 2017 Visitors Guide.  More images can be seen in this ZDP gallery.

The south lobby atrium.
The south facade (left) faces campus, welcoming visitors to the newly remodeled Simon Skjodt Assmebly Hall. The scoreboard that sat over center court from 1983-2005 was halved and put at the east and west sides of the south lobby. And yes, it does keep the score during games.
Center court from 1976-95 adorns the wall of the west lobby.
A new terrazzo floor features a giant crimson IU logo at its center.
The IU mens basketball team is introduced for the 2016-17 season at Hoosier Hysteria on October 22, 2016. Additions to the facility include all-new seating, a massive scoreboard and The Henke Sprit of ’76 Club (beneath banners in background).